What to Do If the Wrong Wage Is Reported on Your W-2?

When your W-2 has the wrong wage total, ignoring the mistake upon filing your tax return creates almost as much trouble as ignoring a tornado when playing a baseball game. The danger eventually passes, but minimizing the damage is paramount. The Internal Revenue Service will help you with an incorrect W-2 if you don’t obtain a response from your employer to your request for amendment. But you are ultimately responsible for proving the figures you place on your tax return.

Step 1

Give your employer a written statement of the error on your W-2 and request a correction. Your estimate of correct wages and federal income tax withheld is available from your final pay stub for the last payday of the year.

Step 2

Call the Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-1040 to request that an IRS representative initiate a Form W-2 complaint if your employer has not corrected your W-2 by Feb. 15. The IRS will send a letter to your employer requesting a corrected W-2 to you within 10 days. In addition, you receive from the IRS by regular mail a Form 4852 and the instructions.

Step 3

Follow the instructions for completing IRS Form 4852 to submit with your tax return if you have not received a corrected W-2 by the tax return filing deadline.

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