Tips on How to Save Money on Groceries

Save money on groceries by occasionally making meatless meals.
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Once you start sharing a living space, your days of an empty fridge and bare cabinets have to stop. You and your honey have to eat, so weekly or monthly trips to the grocery store are inevitable. Grocery shopping can be expensive as you purchase food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, but with a budget and a plan, you can save money on your grocery bill.

Find and Use Coupons

Pull out the newspaper and start clipping coupons for the grocery items you and your partner enjoy. You can also get coupons from online couponing sites. Store the coupons in a small portable box or envelope that you can easily take with you when you grocery shop. Increase your savings by doubling your coupons at participating stores.

Shop Sales

Stop throwing the supermarket's weekly circular away like it's junk mail. Take a peek through it to find out if there are any sales worth catching when you do your grocery shopping. Be diligent about sticking to the items you actually use, rather than items you want to try. Plan your shopping trips based on sales, but don't feel like you have to visit each supermarket. Running around may increase your gas costs. Stick to your neighborhood stores.

Get a Savings Card

Visit the customer service center at your local supermarket and ask if they offer a savings card program. If so, sign up and get cards for you and your spouse. Many supermarkets provide you with either a card you can place in your wallet or one you can place on your key chain for easy access. Don't leave the house without it, because you never know when you might make an impromptu grocery store stop.

Plan Meals

Rather than asking each night, "What'll we do for dinner?" sit down with your partner to come up with a weekly, biweekly or monthly meal plan. Plan your meals according to how often you guys visit the supermarket. The meal plan can include breakfast favorites, lunch and dinner. The meal plan guides your supermarket list, which helps you find coupons and sales to save money. You also avoid taking a trip to the supermarket while planning what to buy on the spot or picking up items that may not match as meal makers.

Replace Meat

While you don't have to become a vegetarian to save money on groceries, you can reduce your grocery bill by going meatless one or two times a week. Opt for healthy, tasty meatless recipes you or your honey can create, such as veggie stir-fry over rice or grilled cheese sandwiches with soup.

Eat Before Shopping

Make sure your stomach is satisfied before you trek through the market to do your weekly or monthly shopping. If you go grocery shopping while you're starving, you're bound to put a bunch of unnecessary items in the cart.

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