How to Write a Thank You Note for Anniversary Gifts

A handwritten note gives your "thank you" a personal touch.
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When writing thank-you notes, keep your recipient in mind. For example, your grandma Ruth would more likely appreciate -- and expect -- a handwritten note from you rather than a casual email. Your best friend with whom routinely trade casual emails would be OK with an electronic thank you note, though. You can choose to type and print out a thank you note, but a handwritten note is the best expression of your sincere thanks, according to information on the Emily Post website. Keep in mind that the sooner you write a thank you note for an anniversary gift you've received, the better. You will be in line with the best etiquette practices, and the note will be more detailed and sincere with the gift still fresh in your memory.

Step 1

Choose a note card or piece of stationery with a matching envelope that reflects your personality when sending a thank you note for an anniversary gift. Avoid using full-size sheets of paper for a brief note.

Step 2

Write in blue or black ink and begin with a greeting such as "Dear Aunt Mildred" followed by a comma. Skip a couple of lines before starting the body of the note.

Step 3

Thank the giver for the anniversary gift. For example, write, "Thank you for the gorgeous cut crystal vase." Be specific. Don't say something such as, "Thank you for the anniversary gift."

Step 4

Explain briefly how you will use the anniversary gift or how thrilled you are to receive it. For example, "We can't wait to arrange a bouquet of fresh flowers in the vase and enjoy how the design of the crystal complements their beauty." If the gift was money, hint at its use, but don't list specifics. Write something such as, "Your generous gift will go toward a lovely anniversary date that we're in the process of planning."

Step 5

Mention your connection with the person who gave you the anniversary gift. This will make the note more personal and demonstrate your sincerity. For example, state something such as, "We've been thinking of you ever since we met you for lunch several months ago. We'd love to get together with you again soon." If you don't have much contact with the giver, write something such as, "We were happy to hear from you and hope you are doing well."

Step 6

Thank the person again for her kindness and close with something such as, "Sincerely," or "Love," -- whatever seems appropriate for the person you're addressing.

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