How to Put in an Invitation That You Want Cash

Asking for cash instead of traditional gifts in an invitation is tricky. Even though cash is what you truly want, your invitees may be annoyed if you pose your wishes as a blunt request. In addition, you don't want guests feeling like they have to give you a gift. If you decide you want to take the plunge and risk offending the people you invite, you have a couple of options.

Crowdfund It

Set up a website through services such as GoFundMe or My Event. The websites allow you to ask for donations toward anything you want -- such as money for a trip, a home, appliances or an expensive luxury item. They allow you to request specific amounts of money toward things such as plane tickets, hotel rooms, large gift items and activities. Put a small slip of paper in each invitation with an internet address that directs prospective guests to the website.

Set Up a Website

Create your own free website through a service such as Wix. Explain what you want on the website. For example, if the invitations are to your wedding, you could state, "Since we've been living together for the past two years, we have everything we need for our home. If you would like to give us a gift, we'd appreciate a donation toward our honeymoon in Hawaii." If you or your significant other is creative, write a cute or catchy rhyme to explain your goal, instead of a straightforward statement. "Tom's turning 30 and he wants a fast, new ride, but it's the kind without doors and saddlebags on the side. Your cash gift can make his dream come true, and if his sweetie Mary is lucky, he'll give her a ride, too." Add practical details about your event, such as accommodation information for out-of-town guests and directions to the venue to keep it from looking like all you care about is getting cash.

Politely Ask

Word your invitation in a way that lets prospective guests know that you prefer cash gifts. For example, write, "In lieu of traditional gifts, monetary gifts are graciously accepted." Or write, "As an alternative to traditional gifts, a money tree will be set up at the entrance to the reception." Do not write statements such as, "Only cash gifts accepted." or, "Please give cash gifts only." on invitations or websites. Instead, be subtle when asking for cash.

Follow Up

Make sure you show your appreciation to those who send money after the event. Send a picture of yourself enjoying your trip, new home or new item to everyone who donated money.

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