How to Get the Kraft 'Food & Family' Magazine

Every issue of 'Food & Family' is archived online.

Every issue of 'Food & Family' is archived online.

Kraft Foods' "Food & Family" magazine -- a quarterly publication -- prides itself on showcasing recipes for simple meals and snacks. It provides readers with budget-friendly ideas for quick, nutrition-packed lunches, celebration meal menus, desserts and recipes for family faves. The magazine's first free issue appeared in 2002 and and Kraft mailed the magazine to subscribers without a charge until 2009. Now, you can buy a subscription for a hard copy of the magazine delivered to your home or you can view it online for free after you register for the site.

Online Ordering

Navigate to the Kraft Food & Family website to sign up for a magazine subscription.

Enter your billing and shipping address in the correct boxes. If your billing and shipping address are different, enter the addresses in separate boxes.

Select the number of years for your subscription. You may receive a subscription discount and a bonus gift if you order more than one year of the magazine.

Choose the type of credit card for payment. Enter your card number and expiration date or choose the "Bill me later" option. Click "Subscribe Now." Your first issue will arrive in six to 10 weeks.

Phone Ordering

Call Kraft Foods at 800-521-4403. Tell the customer service representative you'd like to order the "Food & Family" magazine.

The representative will ask you if you want a one-year or two-year subscription. The two-year subscription may come at a discount and include a free gift.

Give the representative your billing and shipping address and your payment information.

Wait six to 10 weeks for your first issue of "Food & Family" magazine to arrive.


  • Check out the free digital issues online to see if you want to pay for a subscription.
  • Kraft allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. If you opt to cancel, you will receive a refund for any unsent issues.
  • When subscribing online, add your email address and opt in to receive emails from Kraft and its partners.


  • Kraft Foods will not send you a complimentary copy of the "Food and Family" magazine.
  • The magazine is not available in stores.

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