I Forgot to Send My Virginia Tax Return Last Year

Filing late is okay, but be prepared for penalties and interest on any balance due.
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Virginia already gives taxpayers a little extra time to file, until May 1 if you live in the US or July 1 if you are traveling or live abroad. You can even get an automatic six-month extension if you need it. However, if you managed to forget to file your Virginia state income taxes for a previous year, never fear: You can file a late tax return, but you will owe interest and penalties on the original amount due.

Step 1

Fill in Form 760 as usual. Report amounts from federal tax forms as required and make any necessary adjustments to state income.

Step 2

File Form 760. You may file online or mail a paper return. Keep in mind that many online tax preparation options are no longer available after November 1, the close of the automatic six-month extension period.

Step 3

Fill in and print Form 760 if online options are unavailable. Sign and date the return and attach any required forms, such as W-2s or 1099s, to the paper copy. Keep an extra copy of the return for your records.

Step 4

Pay any balance due by check for paper forms, or by credit card or check if filing online. Any penalty and interest will be calculated by the state, and you will be mailed a bill detailing the calculation of applicable penalties.

Step 5

Mail the forms to the correct address, based on whether you owe a balance or will be getting a refund.

Step 6

Pay the penalty amount when you receive a bill from the state.

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