How to Estimate the Cost of Vinyl Siding on a House

Vinyl siding costs vary depending on thickness and quality.

Vinyl siding costs vary depending on thickness and quality.

A general cost estimate calculated before ordering vinyl siding for your house reduces the chance of overpaying. Costs that are often unanticipated, such as restocking fees for excess product and material waste, add to the total project cost. . If completing the work yourself, keep in mind the expense for trim elements, tools, nails and other accessories. Confirm your estimates with your vinyl siding dealer.

Draw each exterior side of your home on graph paper. Divide each wall into rectangles and triangles. For example, include the garage doors and surrounding walls in a rectangle. Draw the area above garage doors as a triangle with its base running the width of the garage and the apex as the garage peak.

Use a tape measure to determine the height and width of each rectangle and triangle on one exterior house side. Write the measurements on the graph paper next to the corresponding wall. Continue the process until the numbers for every exterior side are notated.

Calculate the square footage for each rectangle and triangle. Multiply each rectangle’s height by its width. For each triangle, multiply the height by the width and divide by two. Notate the results on the graph paper next to the areas they it represent.

Add the results from all the triangles and rectangles to determine the total exterior square footage. Notate the total on the graph paper for future reference.

Measure the height and width of anything that is not covered by siding, such as doors and windows. Calculate the square footage of each by multiplying the height by the width. Add the results of all the areas. Notate the total for future reference.

Subtract the total square footage of the things not covered by siding from the total exterior square footage to obtain the adjusted total.

Multiply the adjusted total square footage by the vinyl siding cost per square foot. For example, if your chosen siding is $6.25 per square foot and your total square footage is 2,500 square feet, your cost is $15,625.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Graph paper
  • Calculator


  • Add removal and disposal costs of previous siding and installation charges to the total cost if you hire out the project. Obtain cost estimates from your vinyl siding dealer or contractor.
  • Ask your vinyl siding dealer or contractor to assist in the material waste calculation because different sidings vary in height and the overlap requirements vary depending on the house structure.

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