How Much to Expect to Pay for Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are installed so that the fixture is unseen. They lie flush with the ceiling line and create an elegant and neat alternative to hanging pendants or strip lighting. They can be used in any room of the house and also outdoors in conservatories or even patios.

Recessed lights, also known as downlights, provide task lighting in the kitchen for food preparation, situated to highlight decor choices or artwork or as ambient atmosphere lighting around your home. To budget for a lighting renovation including the installation of recessed lights, you'll need to include the cost of the fixtures, wiring and the fee for hiring an electrician.

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The cost for a single recessed light itself runs up to $200, and you'll also have to consider installation costs if you choose not to install them yourself.

Budgeting For The Cost

HomeAdvisor produces median costs for a variety of home improvement projects across the country and estimates that the national average cost of the installation of recessed lights is $150 per light. This price will vary widely depending on the types of fixtures and fittings you choose and the total cost of your project will depend on how many lights you need for your space.

How Many Do You Need?

When you go shopping for your lights you'll need to know exactly how many lights to purchase. Thankfully, there is a simple calculation to help you in your planning. You need to divide the height of the ceiling by 2 in order to know how to space out your lights. If for example, you have 8-foot ceilings, you'll need to space the lights out every 4 feet. Obviously, if you have a large space you'll need to purchase more lights which will affect the cost.

The Cost Of The Lights

You will need to buy the pot light fixture, bulb and trim which start from approximately $20 per light. Eco-conscious choices like CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) and outdoor lights cost more and can run as high as $200 per light.

Should You Do It Yourself?

You'll need to check your individual state rules and regulations to see if you are permitted to install pot lights yourself in your own home without the guidance of an electrician. Although you'll undeniably save money, there is a potential danger of electrocution which is why it might be best to pay extra and hire a professional.

Wiring and Installation Costs

If your ceiling is already open during a large renovation, or when you are purchasing a new house, the amount of work will be reduced and therefore installation will cost less. However, if extensive rewiring is required as well as the finishing of the ceiling, you can expect to pay more. Budget $100-to-$200 for a simple and straightforward installation by a licensed electrician, with an additional $70-to-$140 per light for wiring the lights into the ceiling. If extensive work is required, including moving heating ducts or joists, you can expect to pay upwards of $200 per light.

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