The Average Cost of Siding Removal & Replacement

Trim around windows, doors and eaves is an imporant part of siding a house.

Trim around windows, doors and eaves is an imporant part of siding a house.

Replacing old worn-out siding with new materials can give a dramatic new look to your home. The complexity of this project may not be obvious if you've never done it before, but if you take a closer look at the corners of the house, the edges of your windows and doors and especially the eaves and roof overhang, you will quickly see how much work can be involved when installing new siding.

Project Estimates

Project estimates vary depending on your choice in contractors, materials and the size of your house. The average total cost for replacing 1,250 square feet of vinyl siding, including trim like soffit and facia, in 2011 was $11,387, according to Remodeling Magazine. The average cost to replace the same amount of siding with a premium foam-backed vinyl was $13,927. Using fiber cement siding as a replacement, the average cost was $13,382. Of course, much of this investment can be recovered if you plan to sell your house. The value these projects add to the home average $8,223 for vinyl, $10,119 for premium vinyl and $10,707 for fiber-cement siding.

Materials and Labor

Contractor costs can be up to $50 per hour, so you may be able to save some money if you do the work yourself. The price for materials varies, but the cost of the siding itself is only a fraction of the overall price tag. For example, vinyl siding can range between $1.67 and 3.74 per square foot. Aluminum siding can cost between $2.40 and $5.00 per square foot. Insulated vinyl siding costs between $2.12 and $5.04 per square foot. Fiber cement siding costs between $2.07 and $5.64 per square foot. In addition to the basic materials you will need a vapor barrier, soffit and facia for the eaves, and corner trim. Plywood, insulation and trim for windows and doors will also be needed.

Disposal and Removal

In most cases, contractors will refuse to put up new siding without removing the old siding first. While some people do put new siding over the old siding, you should consult your municipal building code office and get the advice of a professional before trying this. Depending on the size of the house, the cost of removing the current siding and disposing of it can range between $1,000 and $3,000. This includes renting a dumpster, the labor it takes to remove the materials, transportation and landfill tipping fees.

Additional Costs

As with any renovation project, there can always be additional costs. These costs may not be evident until the old siding is removed. Mold, water damage and insects can create a lot of damage to a structure beneath the siding, sometimes requiring extensive repair. Depending on the age of the house, other surprises may await you beneath the siding, like improper or non-existent insulation. In such a case you may want to consider placing rigid foam insulation beneath the siding in addition to a vapor barrier.


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