How Do I Get a Copy of a Social Security Earnings Report?

A Social Security number is needed to access an individual earnings record.
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The Social Security statement or earnings report provides an accurate estimate of retirement and disability benefits a worker and his family is entitled to. Before 2011, the Social Security Administration mailed an annual report to everyone who was at least 25 years of age. With the the advancement of technology, individuals are now asked to view and print a statement online. Printed statements can also be obtained at a local Social Security office, but online is the preferred method.

Step 1

Log in to and click "Create an Account" on the right side of the webpages. Click "create an account" again; on the new page, read the Terms of Service and click "I agree to the terms of service" at the bottom of the page. Click "Next" Input your personal information, including your name, Social Security number, date of birth, your home address with city, state, zip code and a current phone number. Business addresses are not accepted unless it is the primary residence, as well.

Step 2

Create a username and password for future access. Add an extra layer of security if you wish by checking the extra security feature box. This option allows a text message to be sent to a designated cell phone each time the account is accessed.

Step 3

Verify your identity on the next page by answering security questions. To protect each individual's personal Social Security information, questions are provided based on information accessed through a credit report. Answers to the security questions are ones that only the individual is likely to know. This measure prevents unauthorized access of other people's earnings information.

Step 4

Review the earnings report provided on the screen. Select the print button to print a copy. If any of the answers do not match the identity based on the credit report, access will be denied. A visit to the local Social Security office is necessary to gain online access and obtain a report.

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