How to Take a Wife's Name Off a Joint Checking Account

With consent, it's simple to remove your wife's name from a checking account.
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A joint checking account requires trust and responsibility on the part of both owners. There may come a time when you need to remove your wife's name from a checking account. This can be for any number of reasons ranging from divorce to a simple shift in responsibility. Whatever the reason, it is a simple, but precise process. Most important, your spouse must consent to being removed from the account.

Step 1

Review your account documents to determine your rights to remove a name from the account. Some banks allow the primary account holder to make changes autonomously, but most require consent of both parties.

Step 2

Speak to your wife and obtain her consent to remove her name from the checking account. There can be legal ramifications if you manage to remove her name without consent, especially in a contentious situation such as divorce.

Step 3

Visit a branch location and ask to speak to a customer service representative. Explain that you want to remove your wife from your joint checking account.

Step 4

Present identification for both you and your wife. Usually, a bank will require two forms including a photo ID. Acceptable ID includes driver’s licenses, insurance cards, credit cards and passports. The bank will be able to provide a complete list.

Step 5

Sign any documents required by the bank. Provide your wife’s written consent to be removed from the account. Submit the documentation to the customer service rep.

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