How to Write a Letter to Get Creditors to Take Negative Debt Off Your Credit Report

When you are late on your credit payment, the creditor notes it on your credit report.
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Negative debt or entries on your credit report affect your ability to get a loan, credit card or mortgage. Young couples with bad credit are often denied for credit or have to pay higher interest rates. A goodwill letter may be all you need to improve your credit score. A goodwill letter asks your current creditor to remove a negative debt on your credit report. In this type of letter, you highlight your longstanding relationship with their company and request they remove a late payment or collection account.

Step 1

Draft a letter to your creditor. Goodwill letters work best for customers with a good payment history after the negative entry. Point out that you have made numerous on-time payments after the negative entry and request that the entry be removed. Highlight your longstanding relationship with the company.

Step 2

Discuss any personal crises that occurred which caused the derogatory incident. This includes unexpected medical expenses, loss of income or illness. Creditors are more inclined to help customers who fall into circumstances beyond their control.

Step 3

Attach proof or documentation of the hardship to your letter. This includes paid medical bills, proof of job loss or other proof of hardship.

Step 4

Mail your letter to your creditor using the address on your bill statement. Place it to the attention of their customer relations department. Some people may get better results if they address the letter to a member of upper management or a CEO. You may find these individuals on your creditor's website.

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