How to Track Your Stocks

If you're new to investing in the stock market, you may find the whole process a bit daunting. You have to research companies, choose stocks and then monitor them on a regular basis. Managing stocks is a high-pressure activity. But, luckily, the Internet makes it simple to track your stocks on an ongoing basis. All you need is an Internet connection and either a computer or mobile device to get stock updates.

Step 1

Track your stocks using MSNBC's stock tracker tool. After you enter your stock symbol into the box and click "Get Quote," you're directed to a full page listing all relevant details about the company, including the current price, in a simple table. You can pull up an advanced chart that maps the progress of the stock over the past period (up to five years), and you can also review company details, including number of employees, address and company sales.

Step 2

Use the Google Gadgets Stock Market Tracker to keep an eye on your stocks. You need Google Desktop installed on your computer to use this tool. Add your stocks to the tool so that they are listed and updated continuously (you need an active Internet connection). Download the gadget to your desktop to get started — you can find a version for Windows, Linux or Mac computers.

Step 3

Monitor your stock holdings using the Yahoo! Finance website. The website offers free quotes as well as a Yahoo! Real-time Quotes tool that allows you to manage a series of stocks in your portfolio at once from your desktop. Select up to 50 search criteria to view and manage the stocks you're tracking. It also offers live news regarding your stocks. This tool works on Windows systems, and you need a Java-compatible Internet Explorer web browser.

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