Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Speed up the process of selling your home by making it visible and accessible.
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Finding a buyer for a house can be a long and drawn-out process, often requiring the seller to stay the course, being patient while awaiting the best offer. If you find yourself needing into sell your house quickly, however, there are a number of ways to speed up the process and close a deal fast.


Pricing is most often the largest factor determining the quickness of a sale. For a quick sale, find an ideal price that will make your property irresistible to buyers while still netting you a comfortable profit. If you work with an agent, ask the agent to provide you with current or recent prices of similar properties in your area, and use these as a starting point to set your own price target. If you are listing on your own, put in the extra research to identify prices of similar properties in your area, and hire a local real-estate appraiser to determine the fair-market value of your home. You might be forced to price your home a bit lower than nearby properties to achieve a quick sale.


Making your house as visible as possible in the market is a key driver of the speed of your sale. Rather than looking for an ideal and limited mix of listing sources, list your house in as many places as possible, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to market your property. Place listings in local real estate publications, and utilize local online message boards such as Craigslist.


Whether you work with an agent or decide to sell your home directly, availability is a key to taking advantage of every selling opportunity that comes your way. If you work with a real estate agent to list your home, make sure the agent is available to show your house to prospective buyers at any time. If you decide to market your house on your own, make plans to ensure that someone will be available to show the house. Availability is key to making the purchase decision as easy as possible for potential buyers.


Keep your house ready to shown to prospective buyers. In an article on the HGTV website, Leah Hennen explained that arranging furniture to create more open space makes rooms feel larger and more appealing. A fresh coat of paint and clear, bright lighting, she said, can make a great first impression. Make sure that exterior paint and fixtures such as gutters, windows and door trim are clean and undamaged, and pay careful attention to the presentation of your lawn. Putting a little extra effort into trimming shrubs, pulling weeds and keeping grass neatly mowed helps ensure a pleasant first impression. Make sure all cupboards, doors and other interior fixtures are clean, as well, and that walls are free of smudges and dents.

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