How to Renovate a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments can be a challenge to renovate.
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Functionality of space is key when living in a studio apartment. These living spaces usually contain one main room with a bathroom, and possibly a separate kitchen. The benefit of studios is often lower rent and utilities; however, it can be a challenge to maximize the space so that it is comfortable rather than cluttered. To achieve design success, make the most of every nook and cranny.

Step 1

Paint the studio. A fresh coat of paint can give any apartment a brand new feel. Fix any holes in the walls with spackle and then apply the paint as directed. Choose a dramatic color for one of the walls, such as dark red, aubergine or a deep blue. Use a lighter color on the other walls to create a more open feel, and paint the bathroom a lighter shade within the same color theme.

Step 2

Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains on the windows, to give the illusion of height in the studio. Place the curtain rod about 1 to 2 inches from the ceiling and let the bottom of the curtains drape onto the floor. Layer a sheer window dressing over an opaque curtain for a more detailed look. Choose light colors for the drapes to help the room appear more open. Add enhancement and charm with decorative curtain rods and knobs.

Step 3

Use full-length and wall mirrors to make the space feel bigger. Along with being decorative, mirrors can give the illusion of a larger room. Full-length mirrors work well to open the room when placed in a corner. Hang a wall mirror in a corner or the entryway. Choose frames to match your decor.

Step 4

Install a pedestal sink in your bathroom to save space. Studio apartments often come with small bathrooms. Making a few changes can help reduce the cramped appearance. Narrow shelving units placed in a corner or between the sink and toilet can be used to store toiletries. Use hooks fastened to the wall or the back of the door to hold towels in a space-saving way over towel racks. Replace the tiles if they are a dark color or worn-out; use a light-colored tile, such as white, to help the space feel more airy, light and open.

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