Tips & Ideas on Saving Money

Taking public transportation saves money.
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Excessive spending often leads to a bank account that bleeds dry. If your finances are on life support, cutbacks can help you save money to get back on track. Small changes made in spending habits and saving strategies add up over time. The savings give you a financial cushion in your budget, allowing you to reach your financial goals faster.

Drive Less

Each time you get behind the wheel, you use gas and cause wear on your car. This means more money out of your pocket and into your ride. Leave the car at home as much as possible, whether that means walking, biking or taking public transportation to get to work and run errands. If you do need to drive, run errands all in one big trip. The engine stays warm as you drive from one store to the next, so the vehicle uses less gas. You can also save money on your vehicle by slowing down, avoiding stops and starts, keeping your tires pumped up and replacing air filters frequently to improve gas mileage.

Take Care of Your Possessions

Your favorite outfit or that new pair of shoes are a much better investment if you take proper care of them once you get them home. By caring for the things you own, you extend the life of these items. This saves you money because they won't need to be replaced as soon. Read care labels on clothing and other items to ensure you take care of them the right way.

Research Before Buying

A little research goes a long way in saving you money on an upcoming purchase, especially on larger purchases. Comparison shopping helps you find the retailer that offers the best deal on the item you want to purchase. When shopping online, you can often find discount codes for free shipping or a certain amount off your purchase. Read the details on the website to look for special deals. Signing up for email alerts from your favorite online retailers often results in these special codes being sent directly to your inbox.

Stockpile Nonperishables

The grocery bill is an area that most couples can cut with strategic shopping. One method is to stockpile nonperishable items when they are at the lowest price. If the supermarket has your brand of toothpaste on clearance, buy a few extra tubes. A huge sale on canned vegetables is another time to stockpile. If you have coupons for items when they are on sale, you can lower the price even further.

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