Things to Purchase Before Moving Into a New Home

Boxes should not be the only thing coming to your new home.
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Moving into a new home is a whirlwind of activity. Searching, inspecting, signing papers, packing boxes and remembering where everything is boggles the mind and keeps you distracted. It's no wonder some important items may slip through the cracks, leaving you in a lurch on moving day. Purchase these items before the move to ensure comfort, convenience and safety starting with the very first night in your new home.

Window Coverings

Moving day starts bright and early in the morning when you enjoy natural light streaming into your new home. Eventually darkness falls and lamps get turned on. Your new neighbors will see much more than you intend without proper window coverings. Curtains, drapes, blinds or other appropriate coverings should be installed promptly. Upper floors and public rooms can wait a day or two or longer, but it is wise to cover bedroom and bathroom windows on the first night. Though unpacking boxes and setting up beds is a priority, take the time to protect your privacy from the start.

Tools and Essentials

Every new home becomes a work in progress the minute you cross the threshold. Simple repairs, minor adjustments, decorating projects and large renovations all require tools of the trade. At the very least, a set of basic tools including screw drivers, wrenches and a solid hammer will get you started. A good plunger is a must-have. Depending on the size of the home, a sturdy ladder or step stool is a wise pre-move purchase. Stock flashlights, batteries, candles, toilet paper, tape and a tape measure, and don't forget a mailbox if the new home is not already equipped with one.

Cleaning Supplies

No matter how clean a new home looks on the surface, personal standards will prevail. Before moving into a new home, arm yourself with your favorite cleaning products so you can spit-shine on the first day and clean up any moving messes. A sturdy vacuum cleaner, buckets, polishing cloths, a broom and a window squeegee will make cleaning chores more palatable. Have a supply of paper towels, as well as a toilet brush and good sponges. A disinfectant will come in handy to sanitize your new home.

New Locks

Though locks on the doors may provide a sense of security, there is a question of how many outstanding keys may still be floating around with previous occupants. Smart safety measures include the purchase of new locks to be sure that the only extra sets of keys are those you give to trusted friends and family members. If your new home is a rental property, check with the rental agency on rules regarding locks; it's often standard for the rental agent to change the locks for each new tenant. If you cannot change the existing locks, ask whether you can install a chain lock that will be engaged only when you are inside the residence.

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