How to Find Stocks Using CUSIP Number

The Committee for Uniform Securities Identification Procedures created the CUSIP number to identify stocks and other securities during settlement processes. Stocks are not the only securities that have this nine-digit number – mutual funds, annuities and indexes also do. Although stocks are more commonly identified in the market by ticker symbols, you can search for stock information with a CUSIP number online.

Navigate to an investment website such as or that offers free searches by CUSIP numbers.

Find the search feature on the website. shows the search feature on the homepage. If you use the Fidelity Investments site, choose the "Research" tab, select "Stocks" and click the "Find Symbol" link.

Enter the CUSIP number in the search field.

Select the CUSIP search method and click the "Search" button. Your search result shows the stock that belongs to the CUSIP number and gives information about the company and its trading price. Depending on the website, you can also view other important information about the stock such as SEC filings and historical trade information.


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