Help With Investment Tracking on Quicken

Organize your investments for better management with a tracking system.
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Quicken allows you to track your investments along with all other accounts. This software tracks stocks, dividends and return of capital. Quicken offers security and privacy for your investments. Your data is stored securely on your computer and not on a remote server. With Quicken, you can also keep your investment data if you switch brokerage firms.

Organizing and Support

The way you organize your investment portfolio through Quicken helps you to see any changes in assets, liabilities and net worth. Quicken downloads any income and expenses from your investments through brokerages or other financial institutions. Tracking your investments helps to meet your risk and return goals to make better informed buying and selling decisions while minimizing taxes on your investments. Even the best products, however, have a glitch now and then. Sometimes you just can’t figure something out. You can get support for using your investment tracking system by searching on-site questions in the support section, contacting Quicken or getting help from other users online.

Setting Up

To get started tracking your investments online, you select the "Choose Accounts Option," enter the name of your brokerage in the search field. The on-screen instructions provide a step-by-step process to set up your account and even connect to your financial institution. You can also track outside investments you are considering.

Edit and Hidden Features

The editing and deleting features on Quicken help when you buy or sell securities. The software prompts you to create a new security whenever you enter or download a transaction from an investment you haven’t previously used. You can also hide certain securities. The watch list on the software lets you track securities you don’t own by following the price of a stock or stock indexes. You can hide securities in the watch list for record keeping and tax purposes instead of deleting them, as you may want to use them when creating reports or graphs. Further, if you sell a security but later buy more shares, the hidden feature lets you reactivate that information.

On Track Pricing

You can update stock and fund prices as well as market indexes using correct ticker symbols for each security. The tacking system provides the latest available prices and can retrieve five days of prices for each update. You can also get the latest news headlines about the investments you track. A security detail view compares daily prices with previous prices and allows you to download historical prices for up to five years for any security. A daily data tab in the Quicken investing center provides a quick overview for investment changes.

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