How to Do Something Sweet for Your Husband on a Budget

Young couples just starting out might find themselves at a loss for ideas for clever, thoughtful or romantic gifts for each other, especially when they are on a limited budget. Fortunately, you can plan special activities, make a favorite meal or create a one-of-a-kind gift or memory that your husband will enjoy and cherish, without breaking your budget. Select one of the ideas here or adapt one to suit your husband's particular interests, hobbies and personality.

Make a Great Meal

Prepare a favorite meal for him when you know he's had a stressful or hectic day. Set the tone with some of his favorite music, candles on the table or a fire in the fireplace. If you don't have time for a whole meal, take him out for ice cream at his favorite place. Stopping by his office with a picnic lunch is another inexpensive way to surprise him and brighten his day. Ask a friend or relative to take care of the baby for an evening so the two of you can enjoy some uninterrupted time alone.

DIY Gifts

Make your own birthday or holiday gifts to save money. Paint a special frame and put in a romantic photo of the two of you. Make a batch of his favorite jam or gourmet candy and save it for a special occasion. Knit a scarf or sweater for those cold winter days. Write and frame a poem for him or paint a greeting card and send it to him in the mail.

Make a Coupon Book

Create a coupon book with pages he can redeem for special treats, such as a massage, a car wash, a batch of his favorite cookies or a romantic walk in the park. Personalize the coupon book with items you know are meaningful to your husband. Alternatively, offer to do his share of the weekend "to-do" list or do his chores for him for a few days so he can relax during the evenings of a week when he's got a busy schedule at work.

Cater to His Interests

Write to the publicist of his favorite sports or movie star and request a signed photograph addressed to your husband. Buy him a copy of his favorite book and get it signed by the author. Rent a DVD of one of his all-time favorite movies, pop some popcorn and plan a home movie night. If you have musical talent, surprise him by learning to play his favorite ballad on the piano or guitar.

Make Him a Star

Contact an organization such as the National Star Registry, where, for a small fee, you can have a star named after your husband. Present him with the certificate from the Registry for his birthday.

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