How to Decorate a French Quarter Kitchen on a Budget

French Quarter kitchens are minimalist with a few well-placed accessories.
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Living together means making compromises. The decision to decorate the kitchen in a French Quarter theme pleases several tastes: rustic, feminine, clean and eclectic. This light, bright kitchen style offers a splash of color in the room you show off most during the holidays or when friends visit. Think outside the big-box stores for bargains and uncommon furnishings to give your home a touch of Southern charm without making your budget groan.

Step 1

Set the mood with a fresh coat of paint. Visually enlarge the kitchen with white or pastel walls. Pale yellow, cream and white are Southern favorites. Check local hardware stores or recycling centers for discounted gallons of opened paint.

Step 2

Update the lighting fixtures. Hang rustic faux gas lanterns that evoke the French Quarter feel above eating nooks or in the center of the kitchen. Modern versions use low-watt candelabra bulbs, creating a romantic mood your kitchen. Head to antique stores or thrift shops for bargain fixtures.

Step 3

Decorate with old-world style accessories. Place hand-stamped wooden milk crates, crackle-glazed plates and ornate silver bowls on shelves and countertops. This eclectic mix is easily found at rummage sales and antique shops at a fraction of the cost of accessories at interior design stores.

Step 4

Include classic French Quarter icons. Hang an ornately framed painting depicting a fleur de lis symbol. Stencil the walls with a classic French phrase such as "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" which means "Let the good times roll!" Visit the craft store for inexpensive supplies and get crafty.

Step 5

Accent the room with a splash of color. Add a decorative rug in shades of blue and white or hang lightweight lacy curtains in a pastel or neutral shade. Check consignment stores for inexpensive home furnishings.

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