Cheap Ways to Remodel a Bedroom

Get a completely new look with a coat of paint.
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Whether you’re fixing up your house for guests, putting it on the market or you’re just tired of the way your bedroom looks, you don’t have to spend your last dollar remodeling. There are a myriad of ways to cheaply redecorate, remodel and restore your sleeping area so that it pops with freshness. Incorporating inexpensive, trendy ideas into your bedroom remodel can be easy and stress free when you stick to a few basic techniques.

Buy Used

Just because a piece of furniture was used by someone else, doesn’t mean it can’t feel like new to you. If you’ve never tried it, visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore that sells gently used bedroom suites, dressers, dressing tables and doors that could give your bedroom an entirely new look. The items sell for a fraction of what you’d pay at a retail store and the proceeds go toward providing new homes for underprivileged families. Goodwill, the Salvation Army and other charity-based recycling centers also can provide gems when you scour their showroom floors for the perfect accessory or furnishing to complete your new look.


Painting the bedroom can be one of the cheapest and most dramatic changes you can make to your bedroom. Purchase quarts of paint and paint each wall a different color for fun or create a soothing place to end your days with soft, muted colors. You can even save money on your energy bills by painting the walls a lighter color. According to the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service, light-colored walls and darker floors provide effective energy savings. You’ll be able to use lower wattage bulbs because the light is reflected off the light-colored walls, increasing its intensity. Additionally, you’ll create a softer ambiance with lighter walls, an added plus for the room in which you relax and sleep.

Use Space Effectively

You can save money and better utilize the space in a small bedroom in a variety of ways. Instead of spending money on a new chest or dresser, use inexpensive boxes and crates that slide under your bed for storing little-used shoes and clothing. Tack shelves on the walls to make better use of your space and line them with colorful baskets for the clothes you wear every day. Stick more clothes, belts, ties and shoes on shelves and racks in your closet to free up the bedroom space and give your room an airier quality.

Draw on the Walls

A headboard is just a piece of furniture that typically matches the rest of your bedroom furniture and is used to frame your bed. Instead of spending your cash on a heavy wooden or iron headboard, paint one on the wall behind your bed. Choose a color that complements your quilt or bedspread. Measure the width of your bed and draw an outline that encompasses that width. You don’t have to be an artist; a simple square about three or four feet high will suffice. Paint inside the square you’ve outlined and then add a couple inches of trim in a different color and voila -- you’ve created a headboard for next to nothing.

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