How to Set Up End-of-Day Stock Price Alerts

Email stock price alerts make it unnecessary to check stock prices throughout the day.
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If you have invested in and own stock investments for the long term, there is no need to stay glued to your online brokerage account to watch your stock prices throughout the day. However, getting a daily email with the closing price of each of your stocks lets you spend a few seconds each day keeping up to date with your portfolio. Email alerts can also let you know about important news from the individual companies. Stock price email alerts let you watch stocks you don't own but would like to buy if the share price drops.

Step 1

Find the investor relations webpage for one of your stocks. Most companies provide a link to the investor relations information on their home pages. Check the menu at the very bottom of the home page for a link to investor relations or corporate information.

Step 2

Find the email alerts link on the investor relations web page. Some companies include the alerts selection in the main menu of investor materials and others will have a separate "Investor Toolbox" where the link can be found.

Step 3

Complete the email alerts request by entering your email and selecting the types of reports you want to receive. An end-of-day stock quote will be one of the options.

Step 4

Watch for the verification email from the company's investor relations department and click the link in the email to confirm you signed up for email notifications.

Step 5

Repeat the email notification signup for each of your remaining stocks.

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