How do I Research Stocks Online?

Between 70 to 90 percent of day stock traders, traders who buy and sell within the same day, don't succeed according to Michael Griffis and Lita Epstein, authors of "Trading For Dummies." This is partially because they don't do proper research. When researching stocks, do so online. You receive updated news and information regarding companies online almost immediately so that you can make informed investment decisions. Experiment with a few different online investment information websites before settling on one to visit daily for your stock research activities.

Step 1

Research stocks online using the Google Finance website. Here you can view general information about stocks and the latest news regarding each company. You can also establish an account to manage your stock portfolio and monitor performance. If you want to research one specific stock, type in the company name or stock symbol into the search box at the top of the page and click "Get quotes." The search produces the stock price, history and an updated chart. If you have a Google account and visit the website every day, this is the natural choice.

Step 2

Visit The Motley Fool website. Type in the stock symbol or name and click "Search" to pull up detailed information about the stock. The results list all pertinent data as well as a chart that compares the performance of that stock with the S&P 500. You can view market news about that company right next to the results and also read commentary from the Motley Fool community regarding the stock. This is a decent choice if you want to get a view of stocks from the perspective of both experts and other investors.

Step 3

Use the stock market research tool at NASDAQ online to find out information about your stock. Select the "Quotes & Research" tab to look up quotes and charts. Under "Quotes" you can enter up to 25 different companies you want to research, then select the data you want to retrieve from a long list of options, including summary quotes, news, charts and stock reports. Choose this option if you need comprehensive information about your stocks.

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