How to Repurpose a Comforter

An old comforter that has a stain or a tear on it does not need to head to the landfill. With a pair of scissors and some creativity, you can re-use or repurpose that comforter into another useful household object or even into several objects. Make use of the filling inside the comforter as well as the exterior fabric.

Pet Bed

An old comforter has everything you need to make a soft bed for a cat or dog: filling and fabric. Simply fold the comforter into quarters so that you have a large, puffy square or rectangle. Stitch the folded comforter together along the four sides to make a large cushion. You can even make a no-sew version of the bed by slipping the folded comforter into an old, large pillowcase. (See Reference 2)

Thermal Curtains

Transform a slightly worn or faded comforter into the lining for a pair of thermal curtains. Not only does reusing a comforter as curtains keep an item out of the landfill, it also provides insulation for your home, reducing your energy use. Thermal curtains also provide privacy and block light. To make the curtains, cut the comforter to the size of your window, then sandwich between two layers of fabric. Stitch the fabrics together to enclose the comforter and finish the curtains. (See Reference 1)

Pillows and Other Soft Crafts

As long as the filling inside the comforter is in good condition, you can repurpose it to make throw pillows for your home. Cut open the comforter and remove the filling. Use the filling as stuffing in a homemade pillow or to add more padding to an existing pillow. If you like, use the fabric from the comforter as the pillow's fabric. The filling can be useful for more than pillows; use it for any other craft project that would normally call for polyester fill, such as making Santa Claus' beard or for lining stuffed animals.

Home Decor

If the comforter has a pretty pattern on it, cut it up and transform it into wall art. Save the filling for another use if you can. Smooth the fabric over an already stretched canvas, and staple the ends of the fabric to the back of its frame. Another option is to place a piece of fabric in a picture frame. Make several small wall hangings with multiple pieces of the comforter, or cut one large piece of fabric to make a single, large artwork.

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