How to Make Cheap Outside Christmas Decorations

Craft an elegant wreath to hang from your front door.
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Giant inflatable outdoor holiday decorations might be popular, but they are also pricey, not to mention a little tacky. You don't have to bust your budget to make the outside of your house look festive and classy for Christmas or the winter holidays.


A holiday wreath is pretty simple to make, especially if you pick up the basic form from the craft store. Choose either a straw or grapevine wreath or an evergreen wreath to embellish. Pick out festive ribbons and a few ornament bulbs. To be on the safe side, look for unbreakable ornaments. Lay the wreath on a flat surface and arrange the ornaments around it so that they look pretty. Attach the ornaments to the wreath by threading a piece of string or wire through the loop on top, then wrapping the wire or string around the wreath itself. You can also use hot glue, but it's less durable. Wrap the ribbons around the wreath to finish it.

Ornament Container

Repurpose an empty and clean plant container or urn for the Christmas season. Fill the container with craft foam until the foam is 2 inches below the top edge of the container. Set a layer of Christmas ornaments on top of the foam, filling the inside of the container. Get your hot glue gun ready and use it to attach a layer of ornaments to the first row. Continue to stack and glue the ornaments on top of each other until you have a pretty pyramid shape. Again, choose shatter-proof ornaments to reduce the risk of breakage.


Use candle-lit luminaries to light up the walkway leading to your front door. Invest in several glass vases or hurricane lanterns. Fill each lantern with flame-retardant fake snow or small pebbles in red or green. Place three tea lights or one pillar candle in each. Use LED tea lights if you don't want to worry about the risk of fire. Wrap a red velvet ribbon around the base of each vase and tie it in bow, then set it outside and light the candles.

Christmas Tree

Decorate a small potted Christmas tree outside. After the holidays are over, you can take off the decorations and keep the tree next to your front door for a decorative touch all year round. Wrap a string of outdoor LED lights around the small tree for the simplest decoration. You can also wrap a strand of tinsel garland around the tree or hang small ornaments from it. Use plastic ornaments so that they do not rust or wear out.

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