How to Register a Warranty at Home Depot

A warranty can help to repair or replace defective items.

A warranty can help to repair or replace defective items.

The Home Depot offers extended service plans, also called extended protection plans, on various products. These typically become effective once the manufacturer's warranty has expired. The plans cover repair or replacement of defective items, depending on the item and the specific warranty terms. To make sure the service plan you have purchased is valid, you must register it online or by mail.


Purchase an extended warranty for your product at the time you buy the item. In some cases, you can delay up to 30 days before buying the warranty, but check with the store to see whether this applies to your item. Save the register receipt.

Register your account on The Home Depot's warranty website by providing your name, address and phone number. If you previously created an account for another item, you can log in with your email address and password, without having to re-enter all of your personal information.

Create a password for your account when prompted. Follow the instructions on the screen for password safety and enter your password twice. Review the check boxes on the page to indicate you have read and agree to The Home Depot's terms. If you want your information shared with other companies, check that box, too.

Complete the form on the registration page. Enter your receipt number, plan number, purchase price and other requested information. This information is all on your purchase receipt. For online purchases, the information is contained in the confirmation email you received at the time of purchase.

Enter all requested product information on the product page to finish registering your product, including its name, model number and serial number. Once you submit the information, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your registration is complete. Save the confirmation information in case you need to make a claim.


Buy the extended warranty for your product. Be sure to get the original register receipt as well as a duplicate copy of the receipt so you have one copy for your records and another to mail in.

Request an additional copy of your receipt when you buy your extended service plan, as well as the appropriate registration form to mail in. If you don't get a duplicate copy of your receipt when you make your purchase, photocopy your receipt and keep the copy for your records. Also get a copy of the service plan brochure applicable to your product.

Complete the form in the brochure, making sure all of the information is correct. Any mistakes could cause problems with your warranty or even void the agreement.

Make copies of everything before you mail in the warranty. Keep the information in a safe place. Mail in the original information and the receipt to the address shown on the form.

Wait for confirmation of registration from The Home Depot. If it doesn't arrive within three weeks, contact the company by calling the number listed on the warranty brochure. Once the information arrives, keep it in a safe place so it is available if you need to make a claim.

Items you will need

  • Register receipt


  • Keep the original warranty information and the extended warranty registration in a safe place.


  • Extended warranty terms will vary depending on the item you have purchased and the length of the plan you bought. Be sure you know if you will get in-home or in-store service for your item. If you are required to send it to a repair center, check to see who pays for the shipping and how long it may take to get your item back. In some cases, you may be without your item for several weeks while it is being repaired.

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