How to Print a 1099 Tax Form off the Computer

Printing IRS forms is quick and easy.
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The 1099 series of forms features nearly two dozen different types of "information returns" the Internal Revenue Service requires of businesses and certain individuals. Unless you are a landlord or home-based business owner filing a 1099-MISC to report paying an independent contractor $600 or more in a calendar year for relevant services, you'll probably be receiving 1099 forms instead of sending them. If you are sending a 1099 form, you can print one for yourself and your recipient, but you must order a free official, scannable version to send to the IRS or they may assess a fee for every unscannable one received.

Step 1

Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website, if you do not already have the program running on your computer. You will need it to open and print IRS instructions and forms.

Step 2

Visit the IRS website. Confirm that the URL ends in .gov to ensure you’ve arrived at the official site for government tax forms.

Step 3

Search for a specific form using the search bar located in the upper-right corner of the page or click on “Forms & Pubs” on the main page. Locate the 1099 form of your choice from the list of options. Click on the form title to open the document or on “Instructions” to open a tutorial on how to complete and send the forms.

Step 4

Click on the printer icon located at the bottom-center of the page, or choose “File” and “Print” from the drop-down menu in your web browser to display the print menu window. Adjust print settings as necessary and click “OK” to send the applicable 1099 document pages to your printer.

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