Really Cheap Ideas for Blue and Silver Wedding Decorations

Balloons make inexpensive decorations.
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With the average cost of a wedding in the United States reaching $27,021, according to a report by the news agency Reuters, saving money on a wedding can seem more difficult than ever. But doing the decorations yourself on the cheap can help cut your budget, while still giving you a beautiful setting for your celebration. If you’ve chosen blue and silver as your wedding colors, you have several options for classy but inexpensive decorations for your ceremony and reception.

Get Crafty

A trip to your local craft store should yield plenty of possibilities for inexpensive decorations. Fashion yards of blue and silver ribbon into bows to adorn pews in a church and the backs of chairs at the reception. Drape silver and blue tulle, or inexpensive netting, to form ethereal clouds to surround the altar area, drop a high ceiling, or frame an arch. Beads, candles, mirrors, glitter and sequins are other craft-store staples you can use to decorate. Scatter the glitter or sequins on plain tablecloths, make centerpieces from the candles and mirrors, and drape strands of beads anywhere you need a glittery touch of bling.

Float a Balloon

Buy balloons by the gross and rent a helium tank and you can transform your wedding space inexpensively. Purchase balloons in white, metallic silver and several shades of blue and combine them for the effect you want. Float balloons to the ceiling like filmy bubbles. Form an arch or columns from balloons. For attractive yet inexpensive centerpieces, anchor balloons to small boxes wrapped in blue and silver paper to look like presents. Put rocks or lead fishing weights in the boxes to keep them from floating away.

Head Outdoors

If you’re having your wedding in the spring, look to local wildflowers, or a relative’s garden, for plants and flowers to use at your reception. A can of silver spray paint can turn ordinary garden items into shiny decorations for your wedding. Spray-paint bare branches and arrange them in large vases to decorate your reception hall. Spray pine cones and transform them into place-card holders for the dinner tables. Take advantage of any existing garden statuary, trellises or fountains. Clean them up and trim them with ribbons, tulle and flowers.

Shop Thrifty

Flea markets and thrift stores are a good source for items you can use in your wedding decorations. Amass a collection of angel figurines and spray paint them silver to use in centerpieces. Or collect blue marbles to use in the bottoms of thrift-store vases for flower arrangements. You might also find candles and mirrors at flea markets and thrift stores.

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