How Much Should I Pay for a Used Wicker Porch Swing?

Wicker porch swings are desirable outdoor furnishings.

Wicker porch swings are desirable outdoor furnishings.

Several factors play into the cost of used outdoor furniture. Condition is very important, especially when looking specifically at outdoor wicker furniture. If you are buying from a seller directly, you can always try to bargain with her to bring the price down to a level you feel is reasonable. Oftentimes, people selling their furniture are moving, and thus on a deadline to get rid of the stuff, which can lead to extra savings for you. Typically, wicker porch swings run from $50, all the way up to $600 depending on age, size, type and the seller's location.


Carefully inspec the piece before deciding to buy it. Do not purchase wicker porch swings after viewing pictures. Rips in the ribbing can be hidden, and molding can be disguised. You want to make sure your piece has been taken care of before you buy it. If it smells particularly of bleach or vinegar, know that mildew and other staining agents were probably on its surface and a recent deep clean eliminated them. You can use any of these flaws to bargain the price down. Peeling paint, rusted chains, missing pieces, such as cushions or screws can also detract from the stated price. If the piece is in pristine condition, you could expect to pay $300 to $600 for a double-wide swing and $150 to $300 for a single.


Prices vary for all goods based on location. Where wicker is common decor, like in New England, you may see slightly cheaper prices for the furniture. However, that will be offset by cost of living in that area. The least expensive places to find wicker porch swings would be in the southeast where the furniture is used by many, and the purchasing power is greater. A swing that would cost you $700 in California would most likely go for around $500 in New England, and $400 in Georgia.

Brand Name

Even in used furniture, a name brand can go a long way. Furniture brands are known for their sturdy craftsmanship and chic styles, so that buying a used swing in these brands will cost you more than buying a generic. You'll be buying the reputation along with the swing, even used. You can expect a cost differential of $50 to $100 when looking at generics versus name brands. Inquire into warranties when you go to buy. Sometimes name brand equipment comes with extended coverage that will transfer to you as the new owner.

Age and Type

Check into the age of the swing you are looking at, even if it's in excellent condition. A swing more that 5 years old that has been used outside will likely be more brittle and last for a shorter time. You can use that to edge the price down. The are many different types of wicker porch swings, as well, some holding up better against the outside influences than others. Ask about weatherproofing options and how much use the swing has had. Expect to pay more for a double-braided swing as more materials would have been used and the quality is considered higher. Also, the larger the swing is, the more it will cost.

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