How Much Should I Pay for Installing a Refrigerator?

Larger fridges will typically cost more to install.
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Nationwide, the typical cost of having a refrigerator installed ranged from $829.16 to $1,072.09 at the end of April 2012, according to the home improvement estimation site Homewyse. Although you may be able to get the job done for less in some parts of the country, you should only use a licensed, bonded and fully insured tradesperson if you don't want to risk something going wrong. The actual cost of your job will vary depending on a number of factors, though.


The amount you'll end up paying for your refrigerator installation will depend on where you live. Labor and material costs can vary widely in different parts of the country, so you'll probably end up paying more if you live in a wealthy urban environment than if you live in a rural backwater. You may be able to get your costs down by having the work done as part of a larger kitchen renovation or using installers from the retailer from which you bought your refrigerator.

Type of Refrigerator and Accommodation Layout

A large and bulky refrigerator will typically cost more to have fitted professionally than a smaller model. You should also expect to pay toward the higher end of local prices if your new refrigerator needs to be installed in an awkward location. It will usually add to your bill if your fitters have to negotiate multiple flights of stairs with their tools and equipment or are asked to install your refrigerator in a confined space that's difficult to in which to work. It may also cost extra if your refrigerator needs to be hooked up to a water line.


Get as many quotes for your job as you can. Approach tradespeople you find in your local business listings and use find-a-trade websites to connect with fitters in your area. Ask to see examples of previous work done by any workers you consider. You'll want to focus on quality as well as price before deciding which fitters to use.

What to Expect

You'll reasonably be able to expect any quotes you receive to include the assembly and fitting of your refrigerator, delivery of your unit and the cost of any tools needed to do the job, and the cleanup of any debris left over once work has been completed. Confirm any quotes you receive are all-inclusive before choosing a tradersperson to carry out your installation.

Additional Charges

There's a chance you may have to pay an additional charge for the disposal of any old refrigerator you want removed from your home. You could also be asked to pay an additional fee if your fitters have to modify any existing plumbing, electrical or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Permit and inspection charges levied by your local building department and general contract supervision fees will also cost you extra if you need these services.

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