How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Beautiful on a Small Budget

Shelving can help you save space and add design to your bathroom.
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While your bathrooms are probably the smallest rooms in your new home, you can still show them some home décor love without emptying your wallet. With a small budget, you can transform your bathrooms into beautiful havens that fit you and your spouse's personal styles. Lighting, storage and adding small accessories can spruce up your bathrooms. Remember, even though you're decorating your bathroom on a budget, quality still outweighs quantity, especially when it comes to big-ticket items.

Step 1

Think of a color scheme for your bathroom. Browse home design magazines and websites for ideas. You can also visit a local paint store to check out color swatches, which may help inspire a color scheme for your bathroom space.

Step 2

Add color to your small bathroom without making it look overwhelming. Paint and wallpaper can add color to your bathroom, but may end up being costly should you decide to redesign your bathroom in the near future. For an inexpensive way to add color, purchase a large graphic rug or shower curtain.

Step 3

Create a focal point in your bathroom by applying wallpaper, painted stripes or tile on one wall. This is less expensive than applying a design to each wall while still introducing a design element.

Step 4

Shop at local discount retailers, but don't forget to visit yard sales, estate sales, community arts and crafts fairs, antique shops and thrift stores to find items for your bathroom. These locations not only offer unique pieces that will make you bathroom beautiful, but they are also budget friendly and give you an opportunity to truly define you and your hubby's style. You can find shelves, decorative vases, rugs, shower curtain hooks, candles, candle holders, mirrors and faucet fixtures.

Step 5

Purchase inexpensive baskets from the arts and craft store and use them to hold everything from towels to toiletries. They can help you save space in your bathroom.

Step 6

Update the fixtures and hardware o give the room an updated look, especially if you're not ready to purchase entirely new cabinetry and bathroom furniture. You can find these items at hardware stores; check the bargain bin for discontinued items or items that have been dramatically reduced. If you want specific colors, and they prove to be costly, consider painting fixtures to get the look you want.

Step 7

Purchase wood pieces and brackets at the hardware store to create shelves for your bathroom. Have them cut down to size to fit your bathroom walls, decorate them with paint or fabric, rather than paying for expensive shelving options that may be too large for your space or limit the level of personalization to your bathroom space. Shelving can create space in smaller bathrooms.

Step 8

Add scents to your bathroom by using fresh flowers. Not only will they provide a pop of color, but they'll give a natural scent to your space.

Step 9

Get creative with your honey while creating your own artwork for your bathroom. Whether you elect to paint, or create collages out of magazine clippings, you can create low-cost, custom wall art for your space.

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