How to Make a Makeshift Clothes Rack for a Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of clutter and make some money. One big seller at garage sales is clothes. Cleaning out your closet might just lead to a pretty penny when you sell those clothes to your neighbors, especially if they are in good condition and by well-known brands. But in order to sell those clothes quickly, you need a quick and easy way to make sure that potential buyers can see what they're getting.

The harder your customers must work to find the right size or style of clothes, the less likely they are to spend the time and part with their money. A well-designed clothes rack, even if makeshift, displays the clothes conveniently on hangers, allowing customers to browse quickly and easily with their fingertips. Making a DIY clothing rack for your garage sale can be a quick and cheap solution.

Making a Stepladder Rack

Many garage sale gurus use two ladders. Spacing the ladders 3-4 feet with the bucket hook facing inward creates the perfect legs for a clothes rack. You can then use any skinny stick or a broom handle, to act as a hanger holder. One of the advantages of this makeshift clothes rack is that you can use the ladder steps to display other items, such as hats or shoes.

If you don't have or can't borrow ladders, you can use the backs of two tall chairs, such as dining chairs, making sure to stack something heavy like books or dishes on the seats of the chairs so they don't tip over.

Creating a Clothesline Closet

Another option is to screw an eye hook into the wood on each side of your garage door opening five or six feet from the ground. You can then use a length of 2-inch-diameter PVC pipe over a clothesline to create a rack for your sale clothes. The PVC pipe helps keep the clothesline from sagging in the middle and bunching the clothes together. This is a great option if you have a lot of clothes to sell or host multiple garage sales every year because you can simply remove the clothesline and PVC and store it in your garage until your next sale.

Using Shower Rod Hangers

One particularly easy option is to secure a tension shower rod between a doorframe or porch railing. Shower tension rods are inexpensive, and you might even have an old one lying around already. Attaching the rods in the doorframe of a garage door allows you to use that space as a clothing rack. You can also attach them between two tree trunks or between a porch column and the side of the house if you have a solid exterior such as brick.

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