How to Look Up Mutual Fund Ticker Symbols

A ticker symbol is an abbreviation of investments traded on the stock market.
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Chances are you'll want to keep a close eye on your investment if you and your better half have decided to invest some of your savings into a mutual fund. To do so, you must know the ticker symbol of the fund you've invested in. Once you've armed yourself with this info, you'll be able to read ticker streams on television and set up online updates to help you check on your nest egg whenever you feel like it.

Step 1

Check out websites that provide ticker symbol look-up tools such as Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg and MarketWatch from "The Wall Street Journal." These services can help you find ticker symbols for stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), indices and futures.

Step 2

Tap the name of the fund you want to find the ticker symbol for in the search box provided by any of these services. Don't enter the name of the fund-management firm that looks after your money. You'll need the precise title of the fund you're after to get the right ticker symbol.

Step 3

Click on "Get Quotes," "Find Symbol," "Search," or whatever the button says next the search box you've just entered the name of your fund into. You'll be presented with a bunch of information about your fund, including its ticker symbol.

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