How Do I Look Up How Much I Owe to the Department of Revenue?

Many states now allow individuals to access personal account information online. These programs typically include a review of accrued balances and offer payment options. Your account is protected from access by outside parties. Only you can view the confidential information contained in the reports. Knowledge of how much you owe the department of revenue could be just a few clicks away.

Step 1

Navigate to the website of your state’s department of revenue.

Step 2

Search for online account access. This is the trickiest part of looking up how much you owe, as each state’s website layout and search terms are different. First, navigate to the “Individuals” section of the website, and look for an “E-services” or “Online Tools” menu. Often, the signup link for access to your personal account is located in this type of menu.

Step 3

Use the website’s search bar. If you’re unable to locate registration for online access to your account under an online services menu, try searching the website. You might have luck with search terms such as “Online Account Access,” “Lookup Individual Liabilities” or “Make a Payment.” If your search is unsuccessful, contact the department of revenue by phone and ask if there’s a way to view your account balance online. You can find phone numbers for the department of revenue under the "Contact" menu.

Step 4

Register for account access. Once you’ve found the online access portal, click the link to register for an account. You’ll have to choose a user name and password, and provide information to identify yourself. Common types of identification data include your Social Security number, address shown on the last return you filed, or your taxable income from the last return you filed.

Step 5

Log in when your registration is complete and view your balance. If you’re unable to establish an account, you can obtain your balance information by calling the department of revenue directly.

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