How to Introduce Your Children to the Stock Market

Attending to your child's financial education is a parental responsibility. Lessons about saving, investing and financial planning are not a part of the curriculum in most schools. Helping children understand the world of investing while they are still young will help create a mind-set oriented toward putting their money to work. Stock market educational aids abound.

Step 1

Buy stock for your children. Numerous organizations and websites are devoted to so-called "kiddie stock." For a fee, these organizations will not only sell you one or more shares, but will provide a colorful, decorative paper stock certificate as a physical representative of the investment. Often, these organizations focus on companies children already know, such as Disney or Mattel.

Step 2

Review stock education websites with your child. Sites oriented to children teach the basics of stock investing in plain, easy-to-understand language. Review with your child the definitions of terms such as "share" and "earnings." Help them understand the concept of compounding. You can even find sites that are written by children for children.

Step 3

Engage your child in a stock simulator game. These online games give children perspective on the ups-and-downs of the market. In a game, you can choose stocks and track their progress over time. Though many online simulators are oriented to adults, teen and child-targeted games are available.

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