Ideas for Hosting a Fundraising Benefit for a Sick Relative

Learning that a close relative has a serious disease is never easy. Once you get over the initial shock though, you may decide that you want to do something to help, especially if your family member needs funds to pay for treatment. Arranging a fundraising benefit is a great way to do something positive for your loved one.

Find a Venue

Talk to local clubs, bars and other venues about holding an art exhibition, concert or club night to raise money for your relative. Once you've secured a venue, approach artists, musicians and DJs to ask if they would consider taking part in your fundraiser free of charge. Contact charities that are linked to the illness from which your relative is suffering to see if they have any links to artists who might be interested in offering their services.

Many charities develop relationships with people in the public eye to help raise awareness for their causes. If you manage to drum up a lot of interest, consider putting on a series of events. Charge for admission and refreshments and set up donation points around the venue you secure.

Plan an Event

Arrange a black-tie dinner and auction event if you're trying to attract a slightly older, more conservative audience. Ask local businesses and individuals to donate goods and services to sell to aid your sick relative. These donations can range from meals at local restaurants and days at a local spa to the baby-sitting or dog walking services of individual supporters.

Solicit Donations

Solicit donations from people living in your area by holding a rummage or yard sale on your own property. You can solicit the items to sell from community members, local craft makers and children by advertising in your local paper, and producing fliers and posters to distribute around town. Then, advertise the sale in the same manner. Be sure to explain that the proceeds are going to benefit your relative. Don't be shy. Get out and talk to your neighbors and community members, promoting your cause. You can boost your takings at your sale event by selling refreshments.

Host a Fundraising Game

Set up a sporting event to raise funds for your ailing family member. Approach local football and soccer teams about staging a fundraising game, especially if the person for whom you're raising cash is passionate about a local team. You can also arrange a sponsored walk around your community, often called a walk-a-thon, with all proceeds going toward your family member's fund.

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