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You can work out at your local public park for free.
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We all need to save money--that's a fact of life. If you want to get ahead financially, have money to invest and maintain a financial cushion you must bring in more money than you spend each month. While there are certain bills that must be paid monthly, such as mortgage and car loans, there are ways to trim other household expenditures so that you can save.

Eat at Home

The cost of eating out can add up quickly. Eating at home and preparing food at home to take to work will drastically reduce your spending on a weekly basis. You can put the money you save into your investments or a savings account.

Shop When Needed

Many people enjoy shopping for fun. Admit it, when you are bored you sometimes hit the stores and find something to buy. Even if you don't, and your partner does, it can cost money that could be saved. Stop shopping for fun. When you need to make a purchase, decide before leaving the house how much you can spend and do not buy anything but what you came to buy.

Buy in Bulk

Buying non-perishables and canned goods in bulk will help you pad your savings account. This does take some planning ahead for meals, but you should have some extra time now that you are no longer shopping for fun. Plan meals, make the grocery list and use coupons to save money each week.

Join the Library

Buying books and renting or buying movies can break the budget, especially if you and your partner have different taste and end up buying for both of you. Signing up for a library card will give you access to thousands of books and movies that you can check out for free.

Evaluate Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums change with life changes. Getting married, having a baby, reaching certain ages and getting married are examples of events that will reduce your insurance premiums in many cases. Now is the time to shop around and be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, and if not switch companies and put the savings into your vacation fund.

Use Local Parks

There is no reason to pay out of the nose for gym membership when you can work out at home and at the local public parks. Whether you want to take walks, lift weights in the basement or play tennis at the local park center, you can get a great workout without spending a dime.

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