Cheapest Time to Plan a Trip to Thailand

Thailand offers a tropical paradise with a reasonable price tag.

Thailand offers a tropical paradise with a reasonable price tag.

If your need to escape outweighs your vacation budget, Thailand may be the place for you and your spouse. With a favorable exchange rate and an uncomplicated tourist visa policy, the country has become a favorite destination for travelers who enjoy dining for a few dollars a meal and staying in five-star hotels for two-star hotel prices. Even though Thailand's fairly cheap, you can save even more by visiting at certain times during the year.

Travel Arrangements

The price of airline tickets to Thailand fluctuates tremendously from one season to the next. Flights from the United States to Bangkok take between 16 and 19 hours each way. These long-haul flights tend to be costly thanks to the amount of fuel used and the miles covered. To find the most affordable rate for your Thailand vacation, book a less-crowded mid-week, rather than a weekend, departure date. Even the time of day that you look for flights can impact the ticket price. Airlines release new fares in the middle of the night during the week, so staying up late and hitting the refresh button can pay off.

Cheapest Months

Tourists flock to Thailand during the country's dry summer months, between October and February, but you can save money visiting the country during the rainy season, which falls between March and September. The weather impacts different parts of the country in different ways, with heavy monsoon-like conditions hitting much of the south including the islands of Ko Samui and Ko Phi Phi. In the central and northern regions, including the capital Bangkok, the rainforest province and city of Chiang Mai, you can expect heavy but more sporadic rainfall. As long as you avoid the worst affected areas, and if you can deal with an occasional rainy day, you can find hotel and tour bargains.

Cheap Things To Do

Take a taxi boat ride around Bangkok's canals, or "khlongs," for a view of the city and its surroundings for a few dollars. If visiting the southern islands, rent a kayak to get an up-close look at ancient rock formations and sea caves. You also can spend the day exploring the coastline. If you favor contact sports over laid back exploration, Thailand is the ideal location to your hand at Muay Thai kickboxing, usually taught by former professional fighters.


Generally speaking, holiday travel tends to be expensive. As such, Thailand also sees an influx of visitors when children are off from school during the North American and European summer months, which raises prices. The same goes for local Thai events like the festival of Loy Krathong, which takes place every November with large celebrations in Chiang Mai and Sukhothai. During such events, domestic tourism blocks availability for outside visitors and causes travel prices to rise significantly. You can steer clear of U.S. and Thai holidays by checking local and international calendars for special events and festival dates.


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