How to Fill Out a W-4 With a Tax ID Number

Every American citizen has a tax ID number.
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Employers base tax withholdings from income on information provided by their employees using IRS Form W-4. On the form, each employee chooses the number of deductions and, possibly, exemptions, that apply to his situation. A taxpayer ID number is a number unique to the taxpayer, whether the taxpayer is an entity or an individual. The TIN for an individual is his Social Security number.

Step 1

Find your Social Security number if you do not already know it. It is printed on the face of your Social Security card. You might also find it in file copies of bank account, credit card or loan applications.

Step 2

Write in your first and last name and your address. Enter your Social Security number in box 2 of the form. Check off your tax-filing status in box 3.

Step 3

Work through the personal allowances worksheet included on the first page of Form W-4. Enter the worksheet result on line 5 of the W-4.

Step 4

Enter any additional amount you want taken out of your paycheck on line 6. If you owed taxes when you filed your last return, you may want to have extra money withheld from each paycheck.

Step 5

Sign the form and date it. Submit it to the human resources or payroll department.

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