How Do I Find My Employer's State Unemployment Tax Number So I Can File an Unemployment Claim?

When you lose your job, unemployment benefits can keep you afloat.
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Unemployment benefits can help you keep your head above water if you lose your job. As long as you meet all the eligibility requirements of your specific state, including the reason for being unemployed and the length of time you held your job before losing it, you should qualify to receive benefits that will give you some income while you look for another job. As you complete your forms, find your employer’s state unemployment tax number. Generally, states keep it simple by using the IRS-issued Employer Identification Number.

Step 1

Locate your W-2 form for your most recent employer. Employers must send employees a W-2 form at the beginning of every calendar year to report earned wages and deducted taxes for the previous calendar year.

Step 2

Find the employer’s Federal Employer Identification Number in box “B” of the W-2 form.

Step 3

Call your most recent employer if you cannot locate your former employer’s federal EIN because you don’t have a W-2 form to check. Speak with a representative in the Human Resources or Accounting department. If your employer does not have these departments, speak with the owner or whomever is in charge of issuing paychecks.

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