How Do I Effectively Sell My Home?

Capture positive attention from potential buyers with a well-maintained house.
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One of the most exciting moves the young couple can make is the selling of their home. It can also be, unfortunately, one of the most stressful endeavors upon which you and your mate embark. In order to minimize the worry and maximize the profit, you must learn to effectively sell your house. So, slap on a fresh coat of paint on the residence, plant a "for sale" sign in the yard and get ready to negotiate.

Using a Realtor

The decision of whether to use a real estate agent is one you must make as you prepare to put your home on the market. The benefit of utilizing a real estate agent is that the agent assumes much of the responsibility for finding buyers and negotiating offers. The downside is that the agent takes a cut of the proceeds of the sale. Consider how much time you have to invest in doing it yourself before you contract with a real estate agent. Many people decide to try the selling process on their own before opting for the convenience and expertise of an agent. If you do decide on a real estate agent, says to be sure it is one who tells you the truth rather than one who makes exaggerated claims.


Perhaps the most effective way in which to effectively sell your house is to determine a price that will allow you to profit even as it gives the buyer a fair deal. In order to decide on a price, you must know the market in which you are dealing. Check the home values of similar properties in the same area and research what similar homes have sold for recently. You can find this information in online property records and some real estate agency sites. Price your home accordingly with a little room to negotiate. For example, if you price your home at $175,000 but are willing to take $160,000, you have room to haggle with your buyers.


You need more than a sign in your yard to attract potential buyers. Your marketing efforts are critical in finding someone to buy your home. Take pictures of the outside and inside of your abode and post them online. Advertise your residence on local community forums and popular websites such as Craigslist. Also, create a flyer with the key information regarding your home, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplace, kitchen design and other details that highlight the strong points of the house. Put these flyers in a box beside your "for sale" sign so those looking for homes can take one. Smart Money advises sellers to promote the home everywhere, including on all real estate websites.

Repairs and Clean-Up

Your home must be ready to sell in order to generate the profit you expect from it. Make all necessary repairs to plumbing, electricity and other issues so that inspections will not be a problem. You also want to be able to show your home at its best by cleaning, de-cluttering and making it as attractive as possible. Painting the interior and possibly the exterior will help present the residence well. Also, steam clean carpets and turn on all the lights and open drapes in order to present the house well.

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