How to Create an Outdoor Room Design on a Budget

It's possible to create an outdoor room that's easy on your wallet.
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Couples interested in creating an outdoor space design on a budget have several options to consider. Good decorating ideas do not need to cost a lot of money if you shop for items of good quality that are valued at a reasonable price. Magazines, retail stores and decorating or design websites offer a variety of design ideas and suggestions to create a look that fits your budget. For do-it-yourselfers, a well-planned outdoor room project can help you evaluate the costs involved and serve as a way for you to express your creativity as a couple.

Step 1

Look carefully at the available space and how it will be used. Determine the dimensions of your outdoor room. Keep the size in mind when choosing the type of furniture and other items you want to use. Let the room’s intended purpose guide your decorating selections. If you want to use an outdoor room for relaxation purposes, choose design ideas that you as a couple find relaxing and comfortable. If the room will be used to entertain guests, consider whether more formal design selections provide a better fit for the space.

Step 2

Create a floor plan or drawing of the outdoor room and the surrounding area. Include any preliminary design ideas you may already have, such as landscaping. Having a drawing or diagram of the area can help you determine which design ideas will work best for the space. You can also refer to the floor plan while you shop around for design ideas and when asking questions at retailers.

Step 3

Look for and choose design ideas that will fit your space. As most designers like to say, inspiration is everywhere. Search the Internet and visit retail stores for the design look you want to achieve. Talk to the sales staff at various retailers for design suggestions and familiarize yourself with the prices available at different stores. Through an Internet search, you can easily and quickly find interesting design ideas and the costs involved to achieve a particular look. Don’t automatically avoid expensive furniture or design ideas. If you find something you like that is too expensive, research the item; it’s possible that a cheaper alternative is available that looks exactly like or similar to the original.

Step 4

Create a budget based on the design ideas you can afford and the look you want to achieve. After shopping around, you should have an idea of what design ideas fall within your budget and serve the room’s purpose. Create a price range for the individual items you plan to purchase; this can help guide you in determining which items you can afford to spend -- and are willing to spend -- more money to execute. Design items that are less important to the outdoor room can make up a smaller percentage of the budget.

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