Cheapest Time of the Year to Buy a Laptop

As with most products, you're more likely to find a good deal on laptops during certain times of the year. This isn't magic. It's about supply and demand, competition and seasonal sales. The laptop industry is old enough now that astute buyers can count on discounts as predictably as they can count on the seasons. If you have time to wait until prices are the best, you can save money.

Back-to-School Sales

The months of August and September present opportunities for laptop buyers to save money. The traditional back-to-school sale applies to laptops just like it does to other school supplies. A shopper will see advertised sales during the last month of summer vacation and the first month of the new school year. Some laptop sellers even run specials in July as a way of getting ahead of the back-to-school sales.


The month of November also offers opportunities to buy laptops on sale. Black Friday, the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, is often littered with computer deals. In addition, Cyber Monday offers sales online. The entire month is the kickoff of the holiday buying season, so many companies start offering attractive prices on laptops as potential gifts. It's common to see so-called "one-day-only" sales extended for the entire month.

The April Dip

You can expect a drop in laptop prices every April. According to Gigabyte Kingdom, manufacturers tend to put out their new models at this time of year. This means stores rush to clear old inventory, and one way they do that is by having sales that offer deep discounts on laptops. If you can live with the idea of buying a laptop that is being replaced by a newer model, you can find deals in April. For warranty purposes, these laptops are considered new so you will be protected from defects.

Days of the Week

Mondays tend to be the best day of the week to buy a laptop. Manufacturers announce their rebates on Mondays and this can give you money back on your purchase. If a store does not mention rebates, be sure and have the clerk check on manufacturer rebates that may have come out that morning. That simple request could save you money on your laptop purchase. You can also be proactive and search for rebates online under the manufacturer's name.

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