Cheap Ideas for Porch Railings for Log Homes

Rustic railings don't have to be expensive.
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The need for an inexpensive porch railing for a log home or cabin can bring out the creative side of a homeowner. By using materials from a heavily wooded area, a local salvage yards or a home improvement center, a frugal owner can save a lot of money and make a rustic statement for the home.

Tree Branch Railings

If you have an abundance of hardwood trees on your property, you may have the perfect material at hand to build a log home porch railing. For the cost of large wood screws alone, you can combine large, long logs for the top and bottom of the structure with smaller cut tree branches that crisscross each other for a truly rustic railing.


Salvaged or inexpensive pieces of lumber can make a country style porch railing for your log abode. Ordinary 2-by-4 lumber can be stained or painted to as you wish. A creative homeowner can also shave or notch the cheap lumber to offer a genuinely rustic appeal on the upper, lower and upright rails.

Slats with Cut-Outs

Cut ordinary low-cost, construction grade plywood into individual slats to create a whimsical log home railing. Using a jigsaw, create cut-out shapes in the slats to convey a fishing or wildlife theme to the exterior of your home. Fitting the slats between cheap 2-by-4 lumber for top and bottom rails will keep the cost down. Paint or stain your masterpiece for a truly custom look.

Garden Tools

Garden tools can be used in more places than just the garden. A collection of old shovels, rakes, hoes and other garden tools can be fixed onto 2-by-4 lumber for top and bottom rails to make a one-of-a-kind rustic railing. Be sure to space the tools together closely and observe local ordinances when constructing your railing.

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