Cheap & Easy Costume Ideas for Pairs

Period costumes are a natural for pairs, but cost more to make than most couples want to spend.
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Dressing alike may help a couple bond -- and one of the best times to build a clothing rapport is at a costume party. Wearing costumes designed for pairs is a simple way to make the partner connection. Napoleon Bonaparte can have his costumed Josephine, while Alice in Wonderland can have her rabbit by her side. However, buying, or even renting, the real deal can get pricey. When cash is short, with a little creativity, you can come up with your own cheap and easy, paired costumes.

Innovative Costuming

It doesn't get much easier than going to the party as twin ghosts covered with bed sheets. And a pair of zombies in tattered clothes and made up to have torn skin smeared with fake blood also make for a memorable costume pair. But if you're looking to do something a bit more creative, sit down as a pair and discuss possible costumes before deciding on an idea. Your hobbies, interests or jobs can be natural sources of cheap and easy costumes. Borrowing sports uniforms, medical scrubs, work shirts, or jumpsuits you wear at work offer inexpensive bases for creating paired costumes.

Film-Inspired Pairs

Your costumes can also evolve from other clothes you have hanging in your closet -- or hanging on the windows. Reach for a set of old drapes to create a dress that channels Scarlett O'Hara. For her partner, Rhett Butler, pull out that old formal dinner jacket, slick back the hair and paint on the perfect mustache. The two of you can look like you just stepped out of a scene from "Gone With the Wind." The Flintstone's Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles also make a perfect costumed pair. Whip up Bedrock outfits using brown sheets and simple faux-fur belts to hold the sheets in place.

A Pair of Pumpkins

Create a pumpkin costume using an old sheet and stuffing materials. Dye the sheet the color of a pumpkin. Cut holes in the top and sides for your head and arms, and then fold the bottom of the sheet up to make a large-puffy hem. Insert a wide piece of elastic through the hem of the sheet. The elasticized costume bottom should fit snugly around your thighs, but not so tight as to inhibit your movement. Stuff the inside between your body and the sheet with piles of bubble wrap and crumpled newspapers. The stuffing creates the general shape of the pumpkin -- and the elastic border of the sheet keeps the stuffing inside your costume. Create a second pumpkin costume for your partner, so you're a pair ready for the pumpkin patch.

Playing Card Pairs

Costume ideas also celebrate well-known pairs, but not necessary human pairs. Human pairs who enjoy gaming and gambling have the option to dress as playing cards. Spray-paint large pieces of cardboard with playing card images -- and add cloth straps to hold the cards close to the body at the shoulders in signboard fashion. An ace and face card work well for blackjack fans, or the queen and king of hearts are perfect for a love-struck pair.

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