Cheap DIY Bohemian Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Bohemian decor is casual and folksy.

Bohemian decor is casual and folksy.

Give your apartment a funky, fun Bohemian flair to add life and interest to your place. The combination of colorful and muted colors, multiple patterns, ample amounts of fabric and a few sparkly accents can be accomplished even on a tight budget. Bohemian chic is by definition folksy and inexpensive, and a little creativity can result in a comfy, casual and welcoming abode.

Wall Hangings

Bohemian decorating is based on the use of a lot of fabric, as the naturally flowing shape invokes the sense of freedom and fun that is synonymous with the style. Create wall hangings by using fabric for a cheap addition to any space. Hanging fabric directly on walls and then hanging artwork on top can transform a plain wall. Drape fabric along walls or ceilings or even hang some from rafters to bring a quirky style to your apartment. Look for cheap burlap at supply stores to use for hanging on walls or for sewing up burlap pillows.

Sparkling Accents Throughout

Add a Bohemian touch to random items throughout your apartment by using an inexpensive glue gun and some rhinestones; attach the glittering gems to lamp shades and bases, picture frames, mirrors and even furniture to create a one-of-a-kind style. Use a few inexpensive crystals or prisms to hang around the edges of lampshades or suspend from the ceiling for even more of a traditionally Bohemian look throughout your apartment.


Transform your bedroom into a Bohemian-themed space by using a mixed print bedspread. Purchase one or make your own by sewing together random fabric swatches; use your creativity in stitching together a variety of patterns and colors. Add throw pillows in various sizes, shapes and colors around the room to bring the look together and give the bedroom a more authentically Bohemian look.

Accent Items Everywhere

Shop antique stores, thrift shops, garage sales and even flea markets to find cheap accent pieces to spread throughout your apartment. A dark green vase on a windowsill, a taupe candle holder on a coffee table and dishes of mixed colors can all come together to give your apartment an air of boho chic.

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