How to Change My Tax Refund Payment Method

Uncle Sam lets you change refund payment method only under some circumstances.
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Once you get married, you’ll have lots of changes to implement when it’s time to file taxes as a married couple. Filing your income tax return electronically gives you some additional options for submitting your tax forms and designating where the IRS should send your refund dollars. If you need to change your tax refund payment method, initiate the process before sending in your return, or you could be out of luck.

Step 1

Log in to your account for tax preparation or open the software you are using for tax preparation.

Step 2

Navigate to the part of the tax preparation process where you designate how you want to receive your refund. In the Turbo Tax program, find this section under “Print & File” – select “File a Return” to proceed. In the e-Smart Tax program, find this section under “Refund/Balance Due Options.” Whichever preparation service or software program you’re using – look for a tab that covers final filing decisions, including payment options, to make this change.

Step 3

Find the dropdown menu or the list of options for receiving your refund. Deselect the current option you have selected and select a different one. If you had selected direct deposit, select check and if you had selected check, select direct deposit. If you change the refund payment method to direct deposit, enter your bank’s routing number (nine-digit number found on the bottom of checks and deposit slips) and your account number in the corresponding fields that appear.

Step 4

Continue through the process of filing your income tax form electronically and submit it using the software or service.

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