How to Change Names on United States Saving Bonds

Treasury Direct provides a website where you can change or transfer savings bond registration.

Treasury Direct provides a website where you can change or transfer savings bond registration.

The U.S. Treasury provides an easy-to-use website where you can find instructions and the forms necessary to change the registered name or transfer registration on your savings bonds to other people. Most Series EE or Series I savings bonds are in electronic form and re-registration is done via the TreasuryDirect website. However, if you happen to have savings bonds in certificate or paper form, the first step for you is to open a "Conversion Account" on TreasuryDirect and deposit them to that account to convert them to electronic form. Once converted to electronic form, registration can be changed in the same method used for bonds issued electronically.


Go to your account on TreasuryDirect.gov if you hold electronic bonds. You will not have to open a new account if your bonds are already in electronic form.

Select "Manage Account" for instructions on how to change the registered name on your securities. You can also update your address or transfer securities to another person in this section of the website.

Take any forms that need signature verification to your bank for a Treasury-acceptable verification. Then mail the forms to the address listed.


Go to TreasuryDirect.gov and open a "Conversion Account" by going through the regular process to open an account.

Click on the "Guided Tour" link to view the process if you are unsure of what to expect. Then click on "Manage Your Account" to learn how to open a conversion account, which allows you to convert your paper bonds to electronic form. Your bonds must be in electronic form before you can change their registration.

Follow the instructions and fill out the necessary forms to send in with your paper certificates. Do not sign the back of the certificates.


  • If you don't have an email address, or don't have regular access to a computer, your bank or broker can help you change the registration on your bonds.


  • Once you convert your paper bonds to electronic form you can't convert them back to paper certificates. The Treasury no longer issues Series EE and I bonds in paper certificate form.

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