How Do I Find Out What My Bonds Are Worth?

The U.S. Treasury can help determine the value of your savings bond.
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The U.S. Treasury issues savings bonds as a means to fund government activities. You can redeem bonds directly from the U.S. Treasury or at most financial institutions. As you grew up, your grandparents might have given you a heap of bonds. Now, perhaps you’re ready to buy a home, and you need to redeem your treasure to help make the down payment. However, there’s a good chance your bonds have not reached maturity. Therefore, you might need to know their worth so you can better plan funding for the down payment. Fortunately, online resources are available.

Step 1

Visit the TreasuryDirect website to access a savings bond calculator. Enter your bond information such as the serial number and issue date.

Step 2

Download the Savings Bond Wizard from the TreasuryDirect website. You run this application on your computer. It requires a Windows 95 or later operating system.

Step 3

Visit the TreasuryDirect website to download the redemption tables for current values of savings bonds. Updated tables are available every six months.

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